Donald (Don) Tosti - Baritone/Tenor
    Don was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, New York, in a musically diverse household where everyone loved to play, sing or just listen to music.
    One day you would hear his dad playing piano and the family singing along to 20's 30's Jazz and show tunes from Gershwin, Cole Porter and Moss Hart. The next day you might be hearing his sister playing Mozart and Beethoven. And the next day you might hear Don playing guitar and singing folk /rock, or singing the music of the 4 Seasons and the Beach Boys.
    But growing up with the music of his older siblings and cousins in the 50's and 60's left Don with an insatiable love of the music and fantastic harmonies of the Doo Wop era.
    He began singing as a child in a Men's and Boys choir, and later at Power Memorial High School and St. Michael's College Vt., doing such works as Mozart's Requiem, Elijah and Carmina Burana.
    Happily married to his wife Gerry since 1977, Don moved upstate, and has been singing with his wife in various choirs in Schenectady, Clifton Park and Brant Lake, while supporting and encouraging the musical talents of their 4 children.
    Hearing the Flipsydz a few years ago rekindled the fires of Don's love of Doo Wop, culminating with his joining the group as its newest member in the summer of 2011.
    Don has an MBA from St. John's and for the last 40 years has worked for Chicago Title Insurance Co. , where he is currently the area manager.
    In his little remaining spare time, Don's other interests include old cars, (presently an MGB and Sunbeam Alpine), sailing, and construction projects at his lake house.